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Thanks to everyone who came out for the RbNE social! We had a fantastic time at the Boston Sports Club in Wellesley, thanks to the generosity of the BSC staff and to Marissa Ferber who coordinated the event! You truly gave our kids (and grown ups) a day to remember!


Why is it important for Rb kids and siblings to connect with one another? Here, we have a group of visually challenged kids (ranging from enucleation to limited vision) playing laser tag! For some of the older kids, they have been invited to birthday parties with laser tag but just didn’t feel comfortable going because they weren’t sure if they’d be able to participate due to the low lighting, safety concerns, etc. Well, in a group of kids “Just like you” or who have siblings just like you, it’s easy enough — and acceptable — to test things out! So, thanks to the great support of Rb kids and siblings, our survivors got to try out laser tag! After a trial run (which isn’t usually part of a “normal sighted party!”), the kids asked for the lights to be turned off and to play laser tag! Hurray!

Here’s a great recap of our fun at the Boston Sports Club @ Wellesley!

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