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Thank you, Camp Sunshine, for yet another wonderful Retinoblastoma week! This summer was the 4th year that retinoblastoma had its very own diagnosis week, and the program has grown by leaps and bounds! In the first year, there were only about a dozen families. Second year had approximately two dozen. Third year, about 30 families. And, this year, the session was nearly full to 40 families!

The opportunity to get together, meet other Rb families, have a great time, and learn about coping and thriving with life as an Rb family is priceless.

Thanks to all our new friends, and looking forward to new ones joining us next summer!

Wish boats: every camper makes a wish boat during the week, and at the end of the week there is a wish boat lighting ceremony.  Everyone lights a candle, floats the little boat onto the lake, and makes a wish! Such a moving ceremony!

A beautiful walk at Camp Sunshine

All of the kids have assigned volunteers/counselors who play, hang out, and attend to their every needs! It’s hard to pull the kids away from their volunteer at the end of each day!

To learn more about Camp Sunshine, please visit http://www.campsunshine.org

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