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While retinoblastoma is a rare pediatric cancer, there have been a few celebrities whose lives have been touched by this cancer. Most notably, survivor Peter Falk, Hunter Tylo’s daughter, Derek Fisher’s daughter, and Matthew Ashford’s daughter. And, certainly other retinoblastoma survivors are little celebrities in their own right: Tacey Raulerson (Miss “Tough Enough to Wear Pink”), Ben Underwood (who passed away a few years ago), and Kyle Lograsso (a 7-year old bilateral rb golf wiz!).


For years, Days of Our Lives worked with Retinoblastoma International (www.retinoblastoma.net) to raise awareness and funds for early detection. They were also the driving force behind legislation in California to pass early detection and screening for infants.


This past week (12/14/2010), Days of Our Lives introduced a storyline of an infant having a “white glow” in the eyes in photos. To the retinoblastoma world, this is leukoria — one of the red flags in identifying retinoblastoma.


PLEASE send Days of Our Lives feedback as a way to keep this story line going. This storyline will have such an incredible impact on saving the lives, and vision, of so many infants and toddlers.


Follow this link to leave a comment on the 12/14/2010 episode in support of the retinoblastoma story line. The storyline synopsis is here:

Gabi and Will hover as Rafe studies the photos of Johnny. He acknowledges that Johnny’s pupil in his left eye is white, but thinks it’s nothing serious. They decide to reprint the photos, but later realize Johnny’s eye is still white. He assures Will and Gabi that it’s probably a reflection of the light, even though it’s in every photo. He tells Will not to tell Sami so as not to worry her over nothing. Will agrees. Later, Rafe wants EJ to see the photos, but EJ refuses and kicks Rafe out of his house. Rafe is about to call Lexie when she appears on his doorstep. He tells her he needs to talk to her about something important.


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