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0000057While the holiday season is, yes, considered the most wonderful time of the year, it’s also a time when children tend to be the most frequently photographed. And, as you may be discovering, many parents first noticed signs of retinoblastoma in photos taken of their child.

While seeing leukoria — better known as the “cat’s eye reflex” — is not definitive of the cancer, it’s a good thing to get checked out if you see it in a photo.picture-1

And, unfortunately, leukoria doesn’t always show up. If you go to our “PICTURES” link, you’ll see a great set of photos of Henry. In one photo, there is no leukoria. In another photo, taken the same day (hence the cute striped outfit!), the leukoria is as clear as day!

Detecting retinoblastoma early is the best way to save a child’s vision and life.

Many of us always say, “We wish we had known what to look for in these pictures.” That’s why we’re passing on the information.

Happy holidays to you and your families!

the Families of Retinoblastoma New England

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