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A number of Retinoblastoma families have met up at Camp Sunshine over the years. I really encourage any Rb family to attend Camp – everyone talks about how important meeting other families have been to our own adult recovery and for the self-esteem of our children. It’s amazing that many of us only see each other 1x a year at Camp Sunshine (and, Rb week has only been for the past 2 summers!), yet we all feel like family.

Recently, an Rb dad was diagnosed with cancer. It’s tough knowing what his child had gone through, and our collective hearts ache to know that he has to go through treatment now, too.

n676255178_5193679_9895Here is a “pillowcase” project we created for this dad. It was sent all around the country to different Rb/Camp families — to me, this shows the true testament to the importance of knowing other Rb families, but also just knowing other families who have been through a similar experience.


Our prayers for a speedy recovery and for your strength, Rich! Your Rb friends are rooting for you!

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